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Normal USSSA Kid Pitch rules apply unless overruled by the CYBL modified kid pitch rules.

If a ball 4 is delivered to a batter, instead of walking, an offensive coach will “take the mound” and pitch to his batter. The batter gets 3 pitches OR the amount of swings equal to his remaining strikes, whichever comes first.

The pitching coach must deliver the pitch with at least one foot touching the pitching mound. The defensive pitcher must also have at least one foot touching the mound when the pitch is delivered.

Normal 8u coach pitch rules apply when the coach is pitching. 
     -There will be no safety arc or fair/foul arc
     -Time will be called for the offensive coach to take the mound but will not be called to stop any “coach pitch play”
     -After a ball is put into play when the coach is pitching, he/she must move into foul territory as quickly as possible without interfering with the play.

If you can’t do it in 8u coach pitch then you can’t do it when the coach is pitching.

Once that player strikes out or puts the ball in play, the coach will leave the playing field and the defensive pitcher will “retake” the mound and pitch as normal until the next walk.

The offensive coach must wait for the play to be over AND the umpire to call time before he steps onto the field to pitch to his batter.


If a batter is hit by a pitch They automatically get to take first base. There is no option for a coach to pitch to a batter who has been HBP

If both opponents in a game agree to forgo the modified rules, they may agree to play by normal kid pitch rules.  They can, however, revert back to the modified rules after any fully completed inning as long as both teams are in agreement.

If one team does not want to play by the modified rules and one team does, they MUST play by the modified rules for the first 3 weeks of season. After 3 weeks we will play strictly by the normal kid pitch rules unless both teams agree to play by the modified rules.



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