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Game Swaps / Player Pickups / Forfeits

Per USSSA and CYBL rules, a team must have 8 players in order to start a game. (Please see USSSA rule 7.02.G for more information on this.) If you do not have 8 players for your game, officially, it will be recorded as a forfeit. However, this does not mean your team cannot still play. This is a rec league where teams get a limited number of games. We do not want to lessen that already limited number of games because a team doesn't have at least 8 players. We still want you to show up and play that game, for the sake of everyone else who CAN be there for that game. You can borrow players from the opposing team, or you can borrow players from another team in the league or you can swap games with other teams. 

If you choose to swap games with another team, you will first need to get approval from CYBL, next you will need approval from all teams affected and finally you will need with the CYBL that all parties approved. CLICK HERE TO VIEW A LIST OF ALL HEAD COACH CONTACT INFORMATION. If you are not able to swap game times with other teams or the league does not approve the swap, you have the choice to pick up other players in the league for your game. 

If you choose to borrow players from another team in league, these "pickup players" must bat at the bottom of your lineup and must play an outfield position. Teams are not allowed to set their regular players on the bench if a "pickup player" is on the field. If, at any point during the game, you have a regular player show up, they will take the place of the pickup player. 

If your team does have to forfeit a game due to lack of players, it will be considered an "APPROVED FORFEIT" as long as your available players do show up and give the opposing team the opportunity to play. In that case the "next game forfeit penalty" will not be enforced. 

If your team simply does not show up to a game, it will be considered an "UNAPPROVED FORFEIT" and you will also have to forfeit your next game. The two opponents that you forfeit against, will play each other at the normal time of your 2nd forfeited game and that game will be an exhibition game that will not count in the standings.

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